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Geobit’s awarded booth in HAGI 2019

Geobit’s awarded booth in HAGI 2019

Geobit with its Indonesia distributor, PT. Exact Global Teknologi, are exhibiting at the HAGI – IAGI – IAFMI – IATMI Joint Convention 2019.

Our successful participation in the HAGI-IAGI-IAFMI-IATMI Join Convention 2019 gave us the opportunity to meet existing and future clients, present our new instruments and have fruitful and strategic discussions with our Indonesia representatives of PT Exact Global Teknologi.

Our solutions are top-rated in the Indonesia market and currently, we are opening new markets in the structural monitoring of buildings.

Our booth was awarded, as “Best content booth” taking the 2nd place, as A-Class Booth.

Geobit’s distributor in Indonesia, PT. Exact Global Teknologi is an innovative company with deep knowledge on monitoring and exploration projects. They are also trained to provide support and maintenance for our instruments in the whole Indonesian territory. Arry Muharam Manaf and Indra Irawan are always available to discuss for any related project.

GEOsix Low Power Digitizer-Recorder

GEOsix Low Power Digitizer-Recorder

Technical Specifications

  • High resolution digitizer
  • Eight extra analog inputs
  • Eight TTL command lines
  • Low power consumption
  • Dimensions 168x106x68mm
  • GPS time / Precision DPLL
  • 100-500 samples per second
  • 6 seismic input channels
  • Ultra low noise preamplifier
  • Embedded Open Source OS
  • Embedded SeedLink Server
  • Embedded Earthworm Serve
  • Continuous/Trigger recording
  • Advanced functionality
  • Smart Network Operation

GEObit introduces GEOsix series high resolution 6 analogue seismic channels telemetry digitizer / recorders. The size of the instrument is only 168 X 106 X 68mm. The power consumption starts only from 0.8W for 6 channels. Available sampling rate is 100 to 500sps/6ch and optional lower sampling intervals are supported. Built-in GPS receiver combined with ultra-accurate DPLL unit providing time drift 10e-9 sec ensures timing stability even in the absence of GPS signal. NTP timing is also available.

The unit is very flexible and accepts several types of analogue front end units so any type of seismic sensor can be connected. Additionally, it provides eight extra-low resolution and rate analogue inputs for seismometer mass position monitoring, or any other environmental parameter monitoring.

Eight TTL command outputs are supported for seismometer control or for any other external device control. Typically the digitizer supports differential variable gain preamplifier. Our force-balance sensor front end is also supported, providing a wide-band response (10sec – 98Hz) and high sensitivity 1500V/m/s by connecting a C100 sensor. Acquisition parameters and operation modes can be set from the user – friendly web interface.

The unit operates in continuous mode, triggered mode or both and data are streamed through different data ports. Local data storage is selectable as well as logfile information. The unit supports advanced functionality, implemented from the combination of trusted open-source software components. Because of it’s open-source architecture is able to run any custom application thus providing the next day solution to the user. The hardware is based over an embedded ARM9 400MHz ARM linux PC. The data are stored in mini-SEED format into the microSD card. The instrument supports 10/100 ethernet port and debug port. FTP, SFTP, SSH are also available. The state of health is transmitted over UDP packets upon request, and it is logged to SeisNetWatch developed by ISTI.metry.

GEOwarning, Early warning accelerograph

GEOwarning, Early warning accelerograph


GEObit introduces world’s lowest price, miniature digital accelerograph based on MEMS accelerometer, 20bit digitizer, local data storage and embedded Seedlink and Earthworm Server for data telemetry.

Technical Specifications

  • 3 components miniature Accelerograph
  • Range +/-2g, +/-4g, +/-8g
  • Low power consumption
  • Ethernet and WiFi
  • Dimensions 90 X 115 X 55 mm
  • 20bit analog to digital converter
  • Embedded Seedlink and Earthworm Server
  • Realtime Telemetry and Local Storage
  • MiniSEED data format
  • Linux OS
  • Web Configuration Interface
  • SPDT relay, software configurable
  • Dynamic Range 85dB
  • Operation Range: -20 +70 C
  • Waterproof IP67 Aluminum Case

GEOwarning is a compact, ultra low-cost digital accelerograph.  It integrates 3 axes MEMS accelerometer, 20bit digitizer, embedded linux OS and GPS or NTP  timing. Seedlink and Earthworm servers ensure reliable real time data telemetry while large storage volume ensures a long period of local data recording. The instrument has very low power consumption so it can operate powered from a small 12Vdc battery. Due to its small size and its flexibility of communication (Ethernet or WiFi) and timing (GPS or NTP), it can be easily installed at buildings and other structures.  The device supports a software configurable, variable range of +/-2g, +/-4g, +/-8g  presenting an ideal solution for a wide range of structural monitoring and early warning applications. Minimum data latency along with the calculation of an earthquake’s Cumulative Absolute Velocity (CAV) guarantee that the user can be immediately alerted just at the beginning of the event. Compact design is a competitive advantage and this is reflected in the price which is only a small fraction of the typical commercial accelerograph’s cost. The user is now able to deploy even five times more units for the same budget.

Geobit is exhibiting at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco 9 – 13 Dec. 2019

Geobit is exhibiting at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco 9 – 13 Dec. 2019

Geobit & ISTI join together at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco, 9 – 13 Dec. 2019.

We are a team providing a complete seismic monitoring solution. 

With 65+ years of combined experience, GEObit and ISTI are joining forces to become the most competitive and fastest growing joint venture group in the seismic monitoring services industry.

Providing state-of-the-art seismic instruments, network design, installation techniques, data monitoring and processing services, our group is able to deliver a cost-effective total solution to the energy exploration & production industry, especially to the oil, gas and geothermal sector. Our key benefits are that we produce in-house hardware and software while installing and maintaining the microseismic monitoring network to ensure a high level of data quality and availability. In other words, we make the technology – we apply the technology – we offer the technology.

We have worldwide experience having installed and operated seismic networks all over the world, from Indonesia/Papua jungle to the Middle East desert, from Alaska glaciers to Himalayan Mountains. In the USA, we are currently running many dedicated microseismic monitoring projects with over 200 stations installed in the past 10 years.

Visit us at booth #835, AGU 2019


San Francisco, USA  |  9 – 13 December


Meet our team and learn about the latest offerings. Dimitris Mourtzouchos & Nikos Germenis (Geobit), Paul Friberg & Sid Hellman (ISTI), and others will be available to answer your questions.

Moscone Center

747 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103

More information about AGU Fall Meeting 2019 may be found here.

Geobit presents at HAGI conference in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, November 2019

Geobit presents at HAGI conference in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, November 2019

GEObit is presenting at HAGI-IAGI-IAFMI-IATMI Joint Convention 2019 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 25 – 28 November. The presentation is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov 26th, at 02.00 PM – 02.30 PM.

Nikos Germenis, will present new instruments releases by GEObit as well as our mature products. Several applications and case studies will be presented covering different sections of the industry, like real-time seismicity and micro-seismicity monitoring, structural monitoring, oil & gas, and geophysics. The performance is our instruments will be presented through case studies and comparisons with other commercial instruments. There will be a 15 min Q&A session, so all the questions will be answered.

More information about HAGI-IAGI-IAFMI-IATMI Joint Convention 2019 may be found here.

Seasonal and Diurnal Dynamics of Subglacial Channels: Observations Beneath an Alpine Glacier

Seasonal and Diurnal Dynamics of Subglacial Channels: Observations Beneath an Alpine Glacier

Geobit provided C100 & SRi32L units to a UGA, (University Grenoble Alpes), research team, led by Dr. Ugo Nanni and after two-year measurements, on 11 October 2019, they published their study on “The Cryosphere” journal of the European Geosciences Union.

More info about this study could be found here.

This study tackles the current lack of observations of the subglacial hydrology components. Here, the research team provides unique two-year-long continuous measurements of seismic power induced by subglacial water-flow together with in-situ measured glacier basal sliding speeds. Using these observations, the research team directly inverts for key subglacial channels properties and investigates the links between channels, cavities and basal slip from seasonal to diurnal timescales.