Here is available all latest software tools for the telemetry / SeedLink dataloggers


PQL: miniseed file editor
Seisgram2k: miniseed file editor / real time viewer
TeraTerm: serial/SSH terminal emulator
winSCP: Free SFTP, SCP and FTP client for Windows
GEObit Technical Library

Useful articles and Technical notes

Grounding a GEObit digitizer.
Medium Depth Borehole Installation.
GEObit Wide Band Sensors Performance.
SRi32L/S pre-amplifier noise level.
Seismic Tomography
Smart Seismic Networks Implementation

Instrument Response Files


Nominal Responses for Seismic Instruments in SEED RESP format

Find most recent GEObit instruments response files at  or IRIS/NRL contact us.

S100 sensor response files
SRi32S response files
S200 response files
SRi32S High Gain Response files
S20 Seismometer Response files
S400 Seismometer Response files
C100/SRi32 response files
GEOtiny response files

Exploiting IoT technologies and open source components for smart seismic network instrumentation.

GEObit provides compact solutions for quick deploy seismic stations.

Our instruments are ideal for local and regional seismicity and micro-seismicity monitoring.