Satellite Strong Motion Accelerograph in Indonesia

Case studies

Geobit, November 2019

1. Introduction

GEObit instruments and our Indonesia Official distributor P.T Exact [1] won the contract for the supply and installation of one strong motion accelerograph. The instrument is part of a regional seismic network operated by Kayan Hydropower Nusantara Indonesia [2]. One GEOtinyACC! Accelerograph [3] has been installed in a very remote site, under very harsh conditions (jungle environment). Solar panels and batteries are used to power the station, and a satellite modem (VSAT) is used for the signal telemetry.

Figure 1: The GEObit GEOtinyAC! accelerograph

2. Installations

The GEObit equipment has been installed in Malinau – North Kalimantan, Indonesia. The communication with the acquisition computer is over satellite (VSAT).

Figure 2

The solar panel into the jungle.

Figure 3

The accelerograph seismic vault.

Figure 4

The accelerograph VSAT modem.

3. Performance

The station is performing extremely well in terms of signal quality, stability and data transmission. The data are acquired by Earthworm.

The last part of the work is the digitizer installation and testing. 

The seismic stations are getting power from a removable 12V battery. Overall power consumption is very low so the seismic station will be in operation for a very long time using only one 12V battery.

 4. References