Satellite Seismic Network in Indonesia

Case studies

Geobit, October 2019

1. Introduction

GEObit instruments and our Indonesia Official distributor P.T Exact [1] won the contract for the supply and installation of three six channels digitizers combined with velocity and acceleration sensors. The instruments are part of a regional seismic network operated by Kementerian Pekerjaan Umum dan Perumahan Rakyat Republik Indonesia (PUPR) [2]. The PUPR replaces old or damaged seismic digitizers with new, state of the art units, integrated with on board seedlink servers, according to the national regulations of seismic station requirements. Three (3) GEObit SRi32SIX [3] data-loggers combined with C100 seismometer and SM1500 strong motion sensor [4] are on-line trough satellite communication.

Figure 1: The GEObit SRI32six data-logger, the C100 sensor and the SM1500 accelerometer.

1. Installations

The GEObit equipment has been installed in PUPR old seismic station infrastructure. The communication with the acquisition computer is over satellite (VSAT).

Figure 2: Equipment demonstration at PUPR staff.

Figure 3: GEObit satellite seismic station.

Figure 4: GEObit satellite seismic station installation.

3. Performance

All three stations are performing extremely well in terms of signal quality, stability and data transmission. The data are acquired by the PUPR with Seiscomp3.

The last part of the work is the digitizer installation and testing. 

The seismic stations are getting power from a removable 12V battery. Overall power consumption is very low so the seismic station will be in operation for a very long time using only one 12V battery.