Geobit high fidelity products

Our target is to supply the industry with portable, low power, low cost, geophysical and seismological instruments, such as 32bit seismic digitizers & recorders, wide-band & broadband seismic sensors and processing software, for exploration geophysics and seismology.

Seedlink 32bit Digitizers and Recorders

Ultra High resolution 32bit ADC digitizers / Recorders with integrated SeedLink Server.

Portable Seismic Stations

High resolution, low power, wide-band quick deployable portable seismic stations. Click To Enter.

Multi-Channel Systems

Multi-Channel real-time monitoring systems. Click To Enter.

Seismometers / Seismic sensors

Surface or borehole type, velocity, high sensitivity, wide and broad band seismic sensors. Designed according to the force-balance principle for variety of seismic monitoring applications. Click To Enter.

Accelerometers / Strong Motion Sensors

Surface or borehole type,high sensitivity wide band acceleration seismic sensors. Click To Enter.

Broad-band sensors

40sec-90Hz or 120sec-60Hz sensors. The sensor technolgy combines optical electronis for the implementation of the mass position transducer and force balance feedback to deliver wide band frequency response.

Instrument Software Tools

Free Software tools for our geophysical / seismological instruments. Click To Enter.

Data Processing

Advanced Seismic Software Applications. Automated event detection & picking software. The software can be used for very small seismic events extraction from raw data, acquired for Seismic Tomography, hydraulic fracturing or similar applications, Click To Enter.

Data Telemetry

The GEOdac data server. Data telemetry from the remote seismic stations. Click To Enter.