Passive Seismic Tomography Installation/Training

Case studies

Geobit, May 2016

1. Introduction

GEObit-Instruments supplied PSG Indonesia with 75 C100/Sri32L sensor/recorder units [1]. The equipment is mostly used by PSG for Passive Seismic Tomography acquisition. GEObit personnel offered to PGE field operators full training on the instruments operation and on-site seismic station installation. They installed several seismic stations for PST acquisition. This training took place in Timika, Papua, Indonesia.

Picture 1: Geobit C100/SRi32L sensor/data-logger

2. Instrument operation training

The GEObit field engineer had a one-day full training to the PGE people about instrument operation. The system setup, operation, data retrieval, data view and analysis were presented with details to the users.

Pictures 2, 3, 4, 5

Instrument operation training at the field basecamp

3. Equipment installation theory

Lesson number two was about installation theory, making people familiar with the process. Pictures and videos from past field PST installation were presented to the field operators, along with a detailed explanation of the process. Questions were answered, and people got all the necessary knowledge of the required field operations for installing a high-quality acquisition micro-seismic network, even in the jungle environment of Papua Indonesia.

Pictures 6, 7, 8 

Theory of installation lesson

4. Equipment field operations

Lesson number three was about seismic station installation. The lesson took place in the field. The field operations were divided in two sections and the executing time was one day for each section.

4.1 Day 1

The first day training was about borehole construction. Drilling, casing and grouting were presented in detail during the first day.

Pictures 9, 10, 11, 12

Drilling, casing preparation and grouting

4.2 Day 2

The second day training was about seismic station installation. The sensor was placed into the borehole, the station shelter was constructed, the instruments were connected, and the battery was placed. After careful inspection of the connections and polarities, the instruments were put in operation. Signal quality was tested, and the station was left in operation.

Pictures 13, 14, 15, 16

The GEObit equipment installation and final inspection

5. Conclusion

GEObit-instruments is the leader in PST equipment manufacturing. Our instruments have been deployed word wide for PST acquisition. Typical number of seismic stations is one hundred (100) and are in operation for at least three weeks getting powered from a single 12V battery.  We are more than happy that instruments for PST acquisition projects have been deployed in the harshest environments and no failures or malfunction has been reported. Data retrieval is usually 99.999%