The GEObit Telemetry Acquisition Software GEOdac

  • Real Time data telemetry from the Remote Seismic Stations.
  • CORE24 or MiniSEED Data Format
  • TCP/IP protocol.
  • Transmission Error Correction Algorithm
  • Seiscomp / SEEDLINK plug-in
  • Sends User commands to the Digitizer (Seismometer lock / unlock, centering..etc)

The Telemetry Seismic Station (GPRS/3G/4G) over SeedLink protocol

  • Provides 10/100 Ethernet Data Port
  • Seiscomp / SEEDlink ready.
  • Real Time Data Telemetry
  • GSM/GPRS/3G/4G
  • VSAT (Satellite Modem)
  • UHF Spread Spectrum Radio
  • WiFi
The SeedLink protocol is a robust data transmission intended for use on the Internet or private circuits that support TCP/IP. The protocol is robust in that clients may disconnect and reconnect without losing data, in other words transmissions may be resumed as long as the data still exist in the servers buffer. Requested data streams may be limited to specific networks, stations, locations and/or channels. All data packets are 512-byte Mini-SEED records. Enhancements to the SeedLink protocol supported by the DMC’s server allow network and station codes to be wildcarded in addition to the location and channel codes. GEObit instruments support SeedLink protocol therefore data are transferred in real-time.

SeedLink is a real-time data acquisition protocol and a client-server software that implements this protocol. The SeedLink protocol is based on TCP. All connections are initiated by the client. During handshaking phase the client can subscribe to specific stations and streams using simple commands in ASCII coding. When handshaking is completed, a stream of SeedLink “packets” consisting of a 8-byte SeedLink header (containing the sequence number) followed by a 512-byte Mini-SEED record, is sent to the client. The packets of each individual station are always transferred in timely (FIFO) order.