GEOedge Server

  • Web-based client/server architecture accessible from any web browser
  • Full support of Earthworm tool chain
  • Real-time data sharing for all station streams received
  • Real-time signal display of any number of incoming streams
  • Support of SEEDlink protocol and MiniSEED format
  • Receives data over multiple links and protocols including TCP/IP, seedlink, etc.
  • Capability to apply any kind of real-time or post-processing supported by Earthworm
  • Capability to convert to g, cm/sn² and m/sn²
  • Capability of removal of instrument response, and detrend ,taper and filtering etc.
  • Capability of storing data in files and folders with configurable time intervals
    and convert them to any other time-interval needed.
  • Conversion of stored data to ASCII with configurable header info
  • Network management capabilities with State of Health collection
    and station information/metadata displayed on map, in clickable markers
  • Backfilling of data after network disconnections

The SeismPlus Data Processing Software

  • Waveform display – Arrival time picking – Hypocenter location calculation.
  • Process CORE24 files and several other data formats.
  • Supports tools for filtering, FFT, integration / differentiation, convolution / deconvolution, response, spectra etc.

SeismPlus is a software package for interactive visualization and analysis of earthquake seismograms. SeismPlus performs waveform display of one or more sets of single trace seismograms, automatic and manual arrival time picking, hypocenter location of local, regional and teleseismic events, magnitude determination as well as import/export of several waveform and phase data formats.

SeismPluts acceps data at the next formats: CoRe24/32, Mini-SEED, or ASCII . The SeismPlus accepta also HYPO71 files. Processed waveforms are output in CoRe24, Mini-SEED or ASCII data format, while phases and locations are saved only in the HYPO71 format. Other formats are available upon request.

SeismPlus runs on any PC with Microsoft Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 operating system.