Dam monitoring in Turkey for AFAD

Case studies

Geobit, July 2023

1. Introduction

GEObit-instruments supplied AFAD Turkey [1] with several GEO-A200 [2] accelerograph units, to be used for dam monitoring in their dams in Turkey. Our local distributor STARTEST worked in the field for the installation of the accelerographs. 

Figure 1: The dam

Figure 2: The GEObit GEO-A200 accelerograph

2. Installations

The GEO-A200 sensors were placed into small shelters, specially designed for the housing of the instruments. The sensor is is direct contact with the ground through an opening at the bottom side of the shelter.

Figure 3

The GEO-A200 accelerograph into the shelter

Figure 4

Sensor and shelter installation

Figure 5: Complete seismic station

2. References

[1]: https://en.afad.gov.tr/

[2]: https://geobit-instruments.com/download/geo-a200-brochure/