Alaska Glacier Seismology

Case studies

Geobit, October 2017

1. Introduction

GEObit-instruments recently (May 2017) supplied the University of Idaho with two C100/SRi32L[1] demo units. These units were installed in Alaska from June 2017 to October 2017 by Timothy Bartholomaus [2][3].

2. Installations

The equipment installation was performed by Timothy Bartholomaus, who kindly provided the pictures. The sensors were placed into the ice, and the battery, the datalogger and the charge controller into a peli case. A small solar panel was the power source for the instruments. Due to the low power consumption of the system, a small solar panel sitting over the peli case was enough to provide power to the system

Figure 1

Geobit C100/SRi32L sensor/data-logger

Figure 3

The Geobit C100/SRi32L station in Alaska

Many thanks to Tinothy Bartholomaus for providing the pictures of his work. A post of this work can be found here:

Figure 2

Geobit C100/SRi32L sensor/data-logger into the peli case

Figure 4

The Geobit C100/SRi32L station in Alaska

3. Performance

Timothy reports I’m happy to report that data recovery was very nearly 100% and that our station enclosures kept everything dry.[4]

GEObit people are more than happy having instruments in Alaska’s harsh conditions operating well and providing valuable data to the users.