GEObit is presenting at HAGI-IAGI-IAFMI-IATMI Joint Convention 2019 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 25 – 28 November. The presentation is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov 26th, at 02.00 PM – 02.30 PM.

Nikos Germenis, will present new instruments releases by GEObit as well as our mature products. Several applications and case studies will be presented covering different sections of the industry, like real-time seismicity and micro-seismicity monitoring, structural monitoring, oil & gas, and geophysics. The performance is our instruments will be presented through case studies and comparisons with other commercial instruments. There will be a 15 min Q&A session, so all the questions will be answered.

More information about HAGI-IAGI-IAFMI-IATMI Joint Convention 2019 may be found here.