GEObit introduces the world’s lowest price, compact digital accelerograph which integrates acceleration sensor, 24bit digitizer, local data storage and Seedlink Server for data telemetry.

  • 3-axis accelerometers
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption
  • Olny 130mm D/ 76mm H
  • MEMS (Force balance / ASIC technology)
  • DC – 750Hz, Wide Dynamic Range 96dB
  • Output range +/-2g to +/-12g linear
  • Noise level 6ugrms/sqrt(Hz)
  • Integrated 24bit digitizer, miniseed data format
  • Local storage, and/or telemetry
  • Integrated seedlink and earthworm servers
  • Web interface, SSH, FTP, SFTP
  • Operating temperature -20 to +70oC
  • Aluminium IP68 case

GEOtinyAcc is a compact miniature digital accelerograph which integrates three acceleration channels. Actually is a GEOtiny! seismometer equipped with acceleration sensor. It supports high resolution 24bit digitizer (optional 32bit ADC), embedded linux OS and GPS or NTP timing. Seedlink server ensures reliable real time data telemetry while large storage volume ensures long period local data recording. The instrument has very low power consumption so it can operate getting powered from a small 12Vdc battery.

Design simplicity is the great advantage and it is reflected to the price which is only a fraction of the price of common commercial accelerographs. The sensor delivers superior signal-to-noise ratio and broadband response. The accelerograph communicates through ethernet CAT5 connection or wifi. The user has just to plug the power on and connect with the unit.

This device is compliant with the Los Angeles building code.