Indonesia Roadshow 2018

20 - 28 February

Geobit’s Indonesia distributor, PT. Exact Global Teknologi, organized the meetings and presentations.

GEObit has a great presence in Indonesia. Two passive seismic tomography projects in Papua/Indonesia have been successfully finalized by third exploration companies using Geobit instruments plus one more project operated by the Indonesian PSG using their own GEObit instruments. More than 240 seismic stations have been deployed in Indonesia. We are more than happy hearing that the acquired data have great quality and super low noise! Seismic signal has perfectly recorded to all the channels! Also, all the instruments were in operation during the acquisition period, even get powered from a small 45Ah battery. There were no damages neither malfunctions.

This is the greatest prove of our technology, reliability and performance. Thanks to GEObit engineers for their efforts to provide best quality at reasonable cost!

Geobit presented new developments, new instruments, our new technology improvement and smart networking implementation. We gave short training for installation, seismic network operation and servicing. We explained why using borehole sensors, we get excellent seismic signal. Also we had the chance to discuss about our experience for installing instruments in the jungle, and what is the key for getting excellent seismic signal recordings under difficult conditions.

GEObit is always next to the customer. We provide complete after sales support and on-site installation/maintenance training. Our clients are very happy deploying GEObit seismic networks and recording high quality data.

GEObit provided after-sales support and quick installation training at PGS/Bandung


GEObit team visited Indonesia In February 2018 and met our existing and potentially new customers.

Many thanks to our Indonesia distributor, PT. Exact Global Teknologi, for organizing the meetings and presentations, partnering and expanding our activities.

GEObit presentation at PVMBG – Bandung

GEObit presentation at PSG – Bandung

GEObit instrument presentation at ITB – Bandung

GEObit presentation at Pertamina University – Jakarta

GEObit presentation at Pertamina UTC – Jakarta

GEObit presentation at Supreme Energy – Jakarta

GEObit presentation at Star Energy – Jakarta

Nikos Germenis (Geobit), Arry Muharam Manaf (Exact) and Indra Irawan (Exact) at work