Patras, September 18, 2017

All-Star Technology Corporation will be the official distributor of Geobit Instruments for the territory of Taiwan. The agreement was signed on September 12, 2017.

All-Star Technology Corporation founded in 1992, is a professional company dedicated to the field of civil, structure, geotechnics, geophysics and earthquake monitoring and instrumentation for various application fields of Environments & Resources as well as the Disaster Prevention Monitoring and Warning for the territory of Taiwan.

The company participates in a variety of local vital governmental and academic research projects including earthquake monitoring, structure health monitoring as well as air , soil and water quality monitoring in the territory of Taiwan.

All-Star Technology represents worldwide well-known manufacturers’ advanced instrumentation and technology to provide the planning, design, implementation, installation, testing, analysis, report, maintenance and technical services. All-Star Technology supplies high quality instruments and equipment for the related application fields, and would be very pleased to take the valuable chance of working together with suppliers in Taiwan Territory.